Thursday, January 3, 2008

My Disappointment in Edwards

Jan. 1

New Year's day had very high expectations since the previous day had been amazing (meeting Edwards and Obama). I decided to go to the John Edwards rally here in Ames. Ben and Jessie were able to get us great seats on stage behind the senator. Once we were all seated a man informed us that CNN would be live. I got on the phone and dialed many friends and family. I was interested to see what differences Sen. Edwards would have in his delivery and speech from the previous day. The sites where complete opposites; Algona was rural, and Ames is a city. Yet John, dressed a bit more casually, delivered the same speech with a few additives to make it longer. I was very disappointed and lost most of my interest in him. I did enjoy Elizabeth Edwards speech before her husband took the stage. She has been talked about more because of everything she has gone through with breast cancer and has inspired so many from it. Elizabeth spoke about how John has the best chance against the Republicans and said they would not just give a state to the opposition.
I came away from this rally a bit turned off from Sen. Edwards. On New Year's Eve, John wore a full suit with timberland boots in a rural setting and then in the city he choose to wear jeans and a sports jacket. It seemed a little backwards. More importantly, I was disappointed to hear the same speech. Knowing the punch lines and stories from a day ago came across as lazy to me. Senator Edwards used this speech again when he spoke after the caucus tonight. If I was an Iowan and took the time to hear one of the presidential candidates multiple times, I would not want to listen to the same thing. Maybe it is unrealistic to think this presidential hopeful should have knew speeches every day, but he did not waver from it at all. How can he not have more stories to tell after spending so much time in Iowa. Yet each story was exactly the same. Then during his question and answer time, a man asked if John Edwards would have independents and other presidential candidates beside blue and red debate if he were nominated. As soon as the man had finished the question John replied with a very bold,"No!" I did not appreciate the way he responded to the man question and do not agree with his decision to only have Democrat and Republican debates. Independents and others will never get serious candidates if they never have air time debating with the headliners. 

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Just curious why a biology-chemistry major would invest so much time and effort to participate in this trip?
good luck