Sunday, January 13, 2008

Meeting the Rotary Club

Today my classmates and I had the delightful opportunity to have lunch with the North Manchester Rotary Club and share our experiences in Iowa with them. This was a lot of fun because the members of the organization are very friendly and generous. They love to do work for their community and they love to invite guests into their meetings. I found their company to be warm and receptive to our stories about Iowa.

This was also a good exercise for our class because until then we really haven’t had to describe the Iowa caucuses to anyone from outside the state of Iowa. Many on the members of the Club were well informed about the candidates, but not many knew much about the caucus system itself. Thus, we were able to demonstrate what we knew about the process to them and help them understand the caucuses better. In the end, I think they had a great time getting to know more about politics and hearing our fun stories.

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