Wednesday, January 23, 2008

John Edwards

I’ve seen John Edwards twice, and both times, what he said was very similar… in fact, it was almost identical each time. This surprised me, especially because of the difference in audience and location of the two times we saw him. The first time was in Algona, a town of about 6000 people in northern Iowa, and there were around 200 people in attendance. The speech he gave there talked a lot about farmers and workers, and I thought it was generally well-suited to the mostly-rural, casually dressed, small-town Iowa constituents who attended, although I thought that the way he dressed (a blue suit with a white dress shirt and tie… and brown Timberland boots) didn’t entirely “match” his audience.

The next day, we saw him in Ames at Iowa State University. I had figured that his speech would be different, since he was speaking in a university town of just over 50000 residents. His speech, however, was almost exactly the same as the one he had given the day before in Algona- but his dress was different. He was wearing the same boots and jacket, but he was wearing jeans and a white button down… in other words, the clothes that I would have said were more appropriate for the Algona crowd of farmers and small-town folk, not the university-town dwellers.

In general, though, I liked John Edwards’ message. He spoke about returning power to the American people, and also about the importance of family and the legacy of those who came before. I also support his healthcare plan and his plan for rebuilding in Iraq.

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