Friday, January 4, 2008

Initial Reactions

As my students and I waited in line to enter the caucus room, everyone knew there would be a higher turnout in a too-close-to-call presidential race. Yet, despite the uncertainty, Andrew (far left) yesterday afternoon correctly predicted the eventual outcome for the state--38% of the delegates going to Obama. Stephen (in the middle) should get a silver medal for his prediction of 37%.

As for my own thoughts, from the day we arrived in Iowa, I could see the enthusiasm for the Obama campaign and its message of hope and change. More importantly, in a caucus state, organization is key. You need to get your supporters identified and engaged; you need to turn them out in force on caucus night. The Obama campaign showed all the marks of a disciplined, vibrant, and dedicated effort throughout the week we've spent here. Everywhere we went, in contrast with the other campaigns, the Obama folks were always the most "Fired Up. Ready to Go."

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