Thursday, January 3, 2008

Fred Thompson....No Wonder you are Losing

Folks, I will not for one second deny my identification with the Republican party, but I will express my disgust with one of its candidates. This morning I made the 6:30 A.M. trip to West Des Moines to hear Fred Thompson speak at the Marriot. What we got was less of a speech, and more of a short introduction to immigration and nationally security.

It all began with a brief introduction from congressmen Steven King. Then Thompson walked in the room, all 6 foot 5 of him, demanding authority and attention. He went on to make a speech that was less than entertaining or informational. His main focus centered around illegal immigration and border control. He made it apparent that he did not believe in amnesty for illegals, nor would he stand for it. He expressed his dire desire to get rid of illegal aliens, build a fence around the border, and demand that in order to cross into our country one must be able to speak English. Continuing on, Fred Thompson began a spiel on national security, and his desire to capture the infamous Osama Bin Laden, whom he said was probably hiding in the hills of Pakistan. Fred, this is all great and dandy, but can you talk about something else to? I mean I do not know about everyone else in the room, but I did not get up at 6 o' clock and take a shower to come see a 20 minute speech. If you want election in a race that you did not stand much of a chance at in the first place, you absolutely must take more time to make sure your issues are well understood by the people of Iowa and the rest of the U.S.

No doubt about it Fred Thompson is a sincere man. A man that demands respect wherever he goes, and a man bent on fixing the issues of America. On the other hand, he is arrogant. Almost more arrogant than Mitt Romney, whom as we can all see wants to buy this election. From the time Thompson entered the room to the time he left the room he did not shake one hand. I do not know about you readers, but I personally can judge someones sincerity based on one small handshake. I am sure Hillary shakes more hands in an hour than did Thompson all day. Fred wonder you are losing.


Anonymous said...

You'd think for an actor, Thompson would be better with words.

Brittney said...

Do you think Thompson is doing poorly merely because he does not shake hands? Also he must be doing something right if he obtained more votes than even McCain!

(I am in no way defending Thompson because it definately was a poor show of character.)

eashbrook said...

Fred Thompson cannot be doing poorly simply because he is not shaking people's hands. Although, it is completely understandable why he left a terrible impression on not just Trent, but myself, and probably many others who attended his event. However, Thompson may not have had the time to stick around and shake hands that day. I can only imagine how busy a candidate is the day of the Iowa caucuses. The fact that Thompson is not campaigning very strongly could be another explanation of his poor performance in the election thus far. He also announced his candidacy much later than any of the other candidates, which puts him behind in the race to raise and spend funds and establish himself as a competitive candidate.